View Full Version : A good use for Basil Hayden

03-09-2008, 15:05
Like many of you I bought a bottle of BH to check it out and found it too low in proof and too expensive relative to OGD to justify the price.

Knowing its relation to OGB through Beam I figured I'd vat equal parts of BH with OGD 114 and see how it tastes.

Well -- I'm really impressed. More complexity than the OGB BIB which I find to be sort of a two note pony (albeit one that I love very much!) of butterscotch and rye. This mixture seems (strangely) to be more integrated than the BIB, although it is a more pricey vatting than just buying BIB. Regardless, it's a very tasty way to use up your BH and a better addition to OGD 114 than water. Cheers!

03-09-2008, 15:58
I'm in the minority that enjoy BH as is, although I admit that it is too expensive.