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03-11-2008, 13:37
I've been drinking BT and RR90 lately, enjoying both, separately. Last night I started out with the RR. Sipping it, I felt it was a little too harsh for my taste on that particular day. I finished drinking my first pour, rinsed out my glass and went to the BT. WOW!!!! Flavors popped out that I've never noticed before! Honey, orange?, lemon? cherry?, others that I can't even describe.

Conclusion: bye bye RR (too thick a taste - to describe in my neophyte terms). Next try for a middle cost pour - Four Roses Small Batch!

03-11-2008, 13:54
I'd skip that 4R Small Batch, I was very dissapointed with it and I am a big FR fan.
Get the Single Barrel, it is worth the extra money.

03-11-2008, 16:48
I'd skip that 4R Small Batch, I was very dissapointed with it and I am a big FR fan.
Get the Single Barrel, it is worth the extra money.

I can't speak for the Small Batch but can on the Single Barrel and it's some good stuff. Also, try some Rock Hill Farms. A similar flavor but subtle.

03-13-2008, 16:16
All right, all right, for the sake of balance:

I like the small batch much better than the SB (although both are very, very good). To me, the SmB has more complexity and interest (whatever the hell that means...).

03-14-2008, 08:04
I went out and bought the Four Roses Small Batch last night. I prefaced it with a pour of RR90. Then I poured the 4R. The nose reminded me of fruit punch and flowers. One sip, and I was initially disappointed. Now, before everyone gets up in arms, I mean that I was disappointed due to the absolute lack of burn and harshness. The taste was pure ambrosia. Couldn't pick up any flavors due to continued shock. Poured one for my father-in-law. Again total shock.

The taste reminded me a bit of very good cognac. a good amount of sweetness to it. complexity for sure, but I'll have to sit down with it again to try to be objective. Actually, this has ruined the chance of any future cognac purchases. My wife even liked it (the only things she drinks are vodka and Yuenglings - not together).

Bourbon moment #2: There is incredible variation in taste out there!

Tennessee Dave
03-14-2008, 18:43
Hehe, hard to NOT like 4R Single Barrel!:slappin:

03-16-2008, 19:33
FRSB brought about my love affair with bourbon that really hit full swing last summer. I was afraid that trying it so early in my bourbon career would be like dating a beauty queen with 3 degrees and a culinary background while in my early 20's, a situation that would ensure that future encounters with others would be disappointments.

Even though I've got quite a few pours left in my current bottle, it was the first bottle that I picked up this weekend at Binny's.