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10-11-1999, 16:10
A friend of mine picked up a bottle of "Corner Creek Reserve" the other day He seems to think it is pretty good. About $25 a bottle in the Milwaukee area. Anybody tried that one? Where does it come from? This could be one of those deals where some bottler picked up a few barrels of whiskey somewhere for their own label, which is why I was surprised by my friend's statements about how good it is.


10-12-1999, 08:16
Hi Bill,
I picked up a bottle of this recently; price was 25.95 here in CA. The bottle claims Corner Creek Distillery, Bardstown. It's interesting that when I first tasted it, I found it's flavor and aroma akin to Evan Williams Single Barrel, though I'm not sure who produced it(Heaven Hill is as likely a candidate as any I suppose). It also claims to be a limited edition bottling.
8 yrs old, 88 proof ... quite tasty, but nothing special; I'd deem it more appropriately priced at around $16.


Jim Butler
Straightbourbon.com Staff

10-13-1999, 10:29
From its beginnings, Heaven Hill has done a big business in distributor bottlings. In fact, their business model has been to sell whiskey to their distributors when it leaves the still, then age and bottle it for them. The distributors get a sweet price but they have to wait several years to get the product. Part of this whole deal, since it's their whiskey, has been to allow the distributor to create a unique brand. Because this has long been Heaven Hill's business model, I always assume that an unknown whiskey brand, with a Bardstown origin, is their product. It's a pretty good guess that Corner Creek Reserve is such a product, especially since Jim says it tastes like the EW Vintage.

- chuck