View Full Version : Yet another glass

03-16-2008, 20:18
Just got a set of Spiegelau Whiskey Rocks glasses. 3.5 inches tall, 11 oz capacity, non-lead crystal. Just tried one for the first time with some Four Roses Small Batch. I like the glass; a nice feel when swirling. Slightly tapered for nosing. Solid base. Got 6 for just over $50. Not quite as narrow/tapered as Doc's glass, which I may consider getting, too, as it looks kind of interesting.

I did notice an old 2003 SB.com thread came up on google, but it's actually a different glass, a whiskey "tumbler". Harder to find; 4.5 inches tall, 12 oz.

03-17-2008, 04:30
I have some Spiegelau red wine glasses, and they have the potential to hold half a bottle.......maybe I should start drinking my bourbon out of them:lol: