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03-22-2008, 19:45
Hi. Travis here. I really am in a bind and need some help. I recently (last thursday) went to an estate sale and bought 2 carloads of Art Deco and Eames Era things for 80 dollars. While searching for everything I just couldn't live without, I found a full unopened bottle of Baron Del Rivero Brandy in the late homeowners celler hidden in the dark in a back corner. It looks as though it was sold by TJ Pendergast, who I know was a big bootlegger and political boss of Kansas City. I looked insde with a flashlight and it is corked with a real cork like used for wine. Is there anyway to find out when this was made, when Missouri Liquor tax was 16 cents and maybe a price of what it's worth? Someone told me right before prohibition but I'm not sure. I feel as though I have a pretty rare discovery as I can't find any bottles like this existing, anywhere, and he wasn't just your average beverage distribution company. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Travis


03-22-2008, 20:22
You might want to give a wine or brandy site a spin... mostly going to get boubon info here... personally if it looks drinkable... I would drink it... more fun that way...

03-22-2008, 20:48
Hi. Thanks for the reply. I know this is out of the scope of the site but I couldn't find any sites dedicated to it. Also I thought I might find an old time drinker that knows a friend of a friend that knows about this time period and can offer his expert advice.