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03-25-2008, 16:09
We were having a party Saturday, and one of the guests is a Scotch drinker. Though he started at the "mixer" table (wine, gin, rum, etc, blender, cocktail shaker, etc), toward evening he headed over to the liquor cabinet to pour himself a snifter of a'bunadh. When he got there he spotted a copy of our "Spirit Selection" printout, which is a list of what we've got and includes tastings notes from people like Pacult, Hansell and Jackson (when I agree with them) or my own (when I don't). He was intrigued by the entry for Hirsch 16 (BW) and asked if he could try it.

Having had several Sobieski martinis, I was feeling agreeable and told him to help himself.

He really liked it; "I had no idea bourbon could taste like this!". I asked him when/what his last taste of bourbon was, and he replied, "Jack Daniels, several years ago."

I didn't correct him. I just waited until he finished the Hirsch and then poured him a little PVW 15. He liked that too.

03-25-2008, 16:28
I was a drinker of scotch as well. However my first tasting of Wild Turkey converted me to bourbon. Bourbon is so full of lovely subtle flavours and aromos, nice balance. Whereas scotch can be very intrusive especially one too full of peat which can dull the sense of the other flavours.