View Full Version : Bourbon and Snus

04-12-2008, 14:15
I am having a little Old Fitz 1849 and Snus.

Recently I decided I didn't have enough bad habits and tried dipping skoal. Then I learned of the benefits of nicotine for people, especially those predisposed to dementia. My father has Lewy Bodies which is sort of like alzheimers. There are numerous articles discussing how nicotine is a cholinesterase inhibitor like the drug he has to take called aricept.

I don't like spitting or drinking tobacco juice so I found out about Snus which is Swedish moist snuff. You can get it in 'portions' which are like bandits, or you can get it loose. At first it gave me a strong buzz, almost too much, but my body adapted. I noticed I feel a lot better with nicotine than without.

Since beginning with tobacco again ( I quit 25 to 20 years ago, I am 52 now), I haven't been drinking or drinking even much coffee. But just now poured some Old Fitz 1849 (from my collection I even considered giving away) and it tastes awesome with a portion ( pouch) of General Snus! Snus is put under the upper lip and with the pouches, you can drink with it no problem. Very discreet too!

So, I wonder if anyone else has tried Snus and Bourbon?