View Full Version : Tell us about your special "finds'

04-14-2008, 13:53
I was wondering how many of you cruise liquor stores looking for special or no longer made Bourbons that are either on the shelf or have been relegated to the back room because they never sold?

04-14-2008, 14:18
As I've posted under the Collectibles forum, I've found D.C. to be generous when it comes to older bottles. Recent special (e.g. last year or so) finds have been:

Mid 60's SW Old Fitz BIB
2000 series BTAC (Weller 19, 3 Saz 18, ER 17)
1978 Haller's County Fair BIB

04-15-2008, 18:46
Well, tell you what, I discovered and joined the SB forum 3 years ago and what I have noticed is that while I used to find oldies on the shelves, I really no longer do. There are lots of folks "into" bourbon now and into SB, and if you have a couple of aficianados in your area, those "rare oldies" are not long for the shelves. What used to be old junk are now hidden gems. What the H, same thing happens all the time! Used to be able to buy Broccoli Rabe for next to nothing, then it got "discovered" and now it's priced along with Fillet mignon! Lot of people and lots of bucks in the world, all looking for special S to buy. If something is special, it's gonna get discovered sooner or later and then it's off to the races! Tom