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04-21-2008, 10:14
Got a bottle of this 'Most Wanted' as a gift this weekend. This fellow set up a small distillery on his farm near Atchinson Kansas, and he's making some very nice vodka, filter the bejayzus out of his Fox vodka. My local vodka drinkin' buddies are in love with the stuff. But his bourbon-like whiskey is basically white dog aged a while in used oak barrels. I talked to him briefly about his whiskey and it seemed like he spends more time filtering the vodka than he does aging the whiskey, but it does take on some color. His family made 'shine back in the Smokey mountains and they moved to Kansas in the 70's. With his new distillery, he's the first to market it legally. So there's a family tradition of drinking it young.

Tasting notes. Not much there. Very light brown color, looks a lot like Bushmills or blended scotch.
Sweet. Thin. Oak + corn liquor. Plenty of folks like that flavor profile, I'm just not one of 'em. On behalf of my buddies I'll tout his 'Fox' brand vodka instead of his "Most Wanted" sourmash whiskey.
Good luck to the company, happy to see local distillation back in this area again. Weston MO is across the river from Atchinson on the Missouri and I miss having McCormick's operate. It was never great whiskey at least it was a cheap source of local whiskey barrels for teens to make 'slush'.



04-21-2008, 11:57
How does it compare to Bulleit?

04-21-2008, 16:14
Having had both, I can safely say - buy the Bulleit. I just didnt like this at all, which is a shame as it is a local product so to speak. I just wonder how this might taste aged 4-6 years. Maybe they have some barrels put back for just such a thing.

04-22-2008, 11:15
The Most Wanted whiskey is terrible. They brought it out after their vodka began to sell rather well. And the vodka is a fine product. But they were trying to ride the coattails of the vodka's success with the whiskey.

04-22-2008, 16:19
The Most Wanted whiskey is terrible.

Yeah, that's pretty much what I'm trying to say. My whole bottle spilled on the way home. The car smells nice. This may have worked out for the best.

04-22-2008, 17:17
The operation is still fairly young. Let's hope they have set some a side, maybe a little age can bring it from terrible to almost drinkable...

09-26-2008, 11:37
Somehow I thought this bottling would be listed under Other American Whiskeys so I missed it entirely. Discovered the bottle on the way home from KBF and the price was right at under 20 bucks and I'm a sucker for trying new things. Last night I opened the bottle while on the chat and here's my take:
Nose: new make corn showing little barrel influence
Color: weak iced tea
Taste: Expected white dog after the nose but it tastes at least like it has some age. Very watered down at 80 proof with little burn but has more the taste of an Irish whiskey than a bourbon.
Finish: Blessedly short with a little corn showing at the end.
This bottle falls into my Curiosities Only category. Try some if someone else has it to quench your curiosity but don't waste money on it.

07-04-2009, 11:05
I tried this, light in color... was hoping for perhaps a younger wheated flavor. I got some sort of waterey, waterey alcohol and a ton of vanilla flavoring. Seriously, like half the bottle was vanilla extract.

It would be good as vanilla flavoring, but whiskey... nope. I can't even taste age or burn, nothing... just vanilla flavoring.

Nose: Vanilla extract. no alcohol or normal smells
Taste: Whiskey with a ton of vanilla, covers up any other flavors at all.
Finish: No burn, just vanilla.

Did I drink whiskey? No good.

07-04-2009, 16:04
I am glad I saw this I was going to try a bottle, but not now you guys just saved me some cash!! good thing now, I can spend a little more next week on something.:cool:

07-05-2009, 17:46
I am glad I saw this I was going to try a bottle, but not now you guys just saved me some cash!! good thing now, I can spend a little more next week on something.:cool:


I saw some of this Friday down in Peoria. I'm glad I had read the reviews.