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04-23-2008, 16:01
The clunky front door at www.pre-pro.com says "shot glasses" - at least for now - but the central mission of the site is to collate data on the pre-Prohibition liquor industry in all its various guises.

Some of you may be aquainted with the whiskey brand database and the importer & wholesaler databases and a few have contributed (if I haven't added your info, it's because I have a hole in the infrastructure that needs to be filled, but I eventually incorporate everything taht anyone sends me, with gratitude). Thanks to all who stop by and support the site.

I recently added a final database that will make the conversion to a one-stop pre-Pro website possible, and it may be of particular interest to readers here. It's a distillery database that identifies distilleries on the basis of their state, tax district and RD numbers. It's just a basic scaffold at the moment and I've deliberately steered away from fleshing out listing pages for the big boys of the industry because you can easily find that info elsewhere, but at least it's a start. I'd be grateful for suggestions on how to move this one forward because it's very labor-intensive. The link:

But as always - anything anyone is willing to donate in the way of information, scans, cash, hard labor, web design etc etc is most welcome and will be put to good use!

I have also acquired copies of Mida's Compendium, Mida's brand Registry (Vol I & II), and microfilms of many of the old trade journals such as Bonfort's, Wine & Spirits Bulletin, etc etc (a few limited years) and I'm trying to get these all scanned and online also. I'm happy to do look-ups for people if they have questions.



04-23-2008, 23:11
For those who don't know, this is a terrific resource run by people with a passion for accuracy and a very generous spirit.