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08-08-2000, 10:39
Does anyone in Bourbon Land have a listing of the DSP #'s that appear on bourbon labels and the corresponding distilleries
to which these DSP #'s belong? I have contacted the Beaureau of ATF 6 months ago but have not yet received a response.
I think this website is fantastic for any bourbon fan.

08-10-2000, 15:15
DSP#s are the Distilled Spirits Producer Number used by the government to register distilleries. The problem is that they can change through the years. A distillery is registered by the district in each state and given a number: for example the Bernheim distillery is DSP#1 in the 7th district of Kentucky. The old Stitzel Distillery in Louisville was DSP#16. When Stitzel-Weller was opened they sold the distillery to Four Roses and the DSP# had to stay at the old distillery so they took DSP#17. If they had closed and dismantled the old distillery they could have kept their old number of 16. This means that for old bottles of whiskey you need a list from the period that the whiskey was made. I have several lists from before and after prohibition so if you have specific distilleries and dates in mind I may be able to help you with placing a distillery with a bottle.
Mike Veach

08-11-2000, 05:40
Thanks for the info. I should have surmised that if the government was involved, it was bound to be super complicated. If I have specific questions regarding a bottle with a DSP#, I'll contact you. You offer a great resource. As I said in my initial post, the ATF was totally unresponsive. Trying to find out who makes what in the bourbon business makes finding Blackbeard's treasure look easy.