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05-13-2008, 21:49
I note that rye is grown in the UK/Ireland...does anyone know if it (or wheat for that matter) were ever distilled? With Canada and the U.S. as rye whiskey producers it begs the question why it was not used elsewhere.

In fact, Germany is the largest rye producer....how, if at all, is it distilled?
"Although rye is inferior in many ways to the predominant cereal crops such as wheat, rice, and maize, rye remains the third most important crop in Germany. Planting rye has significant advantages over other crops. It is considerably more winter hardy than wheat and produces economical yields on poor sandy soils where no other useful crop can grow. It is grown in many areas that have no alternative and is a good rotational crop because of its ability to compete effectively with weeds. Rye used as livestock feed has a low feed value compared to other feed grains and is mixed only in small proportions in feed. On occasion, the international market price of rye, generally below milling wheat prices, makes it an attractive feed grain despite its low feed value."

05-14-2008, 00:05
In Scotland the grain whisky is produced in a columnar still primarily using wheat, with some rye, corn, and barley. Most of the grain is imported. There is a single grain whisky, unfortunately it's late and I can't think of the name of it, but it is all wheat. to the best of my knowledge they don't make a straight rye.

05-14-2008, 23:59
Well it ain`t from the UK but have a look at these,i hope you can read German fluently Jono!
Only rye; www.waldviertlerroggenhof.at (http://www.waldviertlerroggenhof.at)
oat made whisky; www.weidenauer.at (http://www.weidenauer.at) or
www.boeckl.at (http://www.boeckl.at) whiskies made of oat/rye or malt.
If you need any help with translations let me know:drinking: .

05-15-2008, 02:31
[quote=mier;122855]Well it ain`t from the UK but have a look at these,i hope you can read German fluently Jono!
Only rye; www.waldviertlerroggenhof.at (http://www.waldviertlerroggenhof.at)
Sorry it is www.roggenhof.at (http://www.roggenhof.at)
The others are okay,they make also whisky from oat.I`m searching for a German distiillery that also uses spelt and a French one uses buckwheat,must have their adresses somewhere.Another German distillery makes single grain whiskies,one of wheat and one of oats as well.They don`t have a site but their name is Brennerei Gruel and they are based in Owen a/d Teck.Perhaps www.filliers.be (http://www.filliers.be) is interesting too.Not a single malt but a grain but quite tasty.

05-15-2008, 11:21
Ich spreche ein bischen Deutch...zehr bischen! Ich habe zwei jahr im schule.

As you can tell...very bad.....

The look like VERY interesting products....do they sell outside of Austria / Germany...or EU?

Any export to U.S.?

Filliers Goldys Belgian Whiskey....wow, looks like an great find to try.

05-16-2008, 00:20
Some you can order by mail what can turn out very deer,ask if they have miniatures,you can sometimes find an odd bottle here or there but real export no,it is a real regional product with sometimes a big supermarket or specialized liquorshop has it or can order it for you.The reason there is no rye whisky in the UK or the rest of Northern Europe is that they use it in grainwhisky,korn,jenever vodka or as ryebread.The French distillery that uses buckwheat is named La Destillerie des Menhirs is based in Plomelin(Brittany)and the name of the whisky is Eddu whisky,sorry i don`t have a website.Siggy Herzog from Saalfelden(Austria) is the one makes whisky from spelt.
It are all rare whiskies you don`t see often here,you must be lucky to ran in to some.This summervacation i`m touring Germany so try to get some bottles this way,it has after Scotland the most whiskydistilleries in Europe.

05-16-2008, 06:43
Please provide some future tasting notes on these uncommon whiskies. Would love to find some.....will have to make inquiries.