View Full Version : I am drinking a toast to SB with a shot of Kinsey Silver?

dave ziegler
05-17-2008, 15:46
Well fortune came my way today and as I write this I am Drinking a shot of Kinsey Silver Vintage 1965 Blended 86.6 Proof and for a blended Whiskey it is Awesome. This morning I went to visit an old Friend from the distillery he is 90 yrs old and I had not seen him since 1972. He gave me a Picture to get copied of Kinsey Distillery taken from the Air in 1937 the second year he worked there. While there he broke out a 4/5 Pint of Kinsey Silver from the mid 1960's and said you might as well have this as I can't drink anymore. I have just finished my first shot I ever had of Kinsey and it is a very delightful smooth Blended I always loved Philadelphia Blended but this is amazing for a Blended Whiskey smooth with Horse Power! It almost has a bourbon flavor to it. It is 86.6 the best version they made in the silver and I am delighted and glad I cracked it open it can go in my collection when it is empty! It is so much better then I thought it would be, I am going to have a second shot. I raise a toast to Straight Bourbon and the many people who have told me don't give up you will find some and they were right. Working there I never thought about it, just drank my wonderful Old Hickory but it is much better then I can believe and I think it is the best blended Whiskey I have ever drank. 35% 8 yr old Straight Whiskey with 65% neutral spirits it is one smooth Pour! Here's to Jacob G Kinsey!
Dave Z
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