View Full Version : Triticale in a mashbill?

05-21-2008, 19:33
It just oddly drifted across my mind today that while we have bourbon mashbills with rye and we have bourbon mashbills with wheat, no one (to my knowledge) has attempted to make a mashbill using the rye-wheat hybrid triticale.

Any distillery reps lurking that might be familiar with the properties of this grain? I'm curious to know whether it would work, and what the finished product would even taste like. (Or whether triticale might be bitter to the point of having to use less of it and more corn, thus pretty much negating some of the character of a lower-corn mashbill...)

05-22-2008, 02:05
There are many grains that haven't been tried, not that that's necessarily even a worthy enterprise, but it is one of the experiments Buffalo Trace is planning to do with their mini-distillery. When I talked to Steve Nally recently, he mentioned some differences between spring wheat and winter wheat, so I know that each species and even sub-species has certain pertinent characteristics.