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05-21-2008, 19:35
admittedly, I use "let's" loosely as I haven't much to offer other than a desire to "look" at bourbon from a distinct/core flavor profile perspective (irrespective of brand, distillery, cost, etc) and the inclination to ask you folks about it. so, what do you think, is attempting to catalog the core and truly unique profiles a worthy exercise? granted, at least technically, every expression (and even bottle in some circumstances) is unique, but that's not what I mean...

in my limited experience, for example, I'd say Elmer T Lee is uniquely flavored enough to warrant its own profile within the context of this discussion (though you folks can likely describe it better, I can taste it), as would the WLWeller line-up (but which one would be the definitive WLW profile, the one you'd say X tastes like this WLW such and such, but not the other way around).

anyone? Bueller?

05-21-2008, 20:09
more thoughts:

it's not the same as a by-distillery breakdown, as some offer a wide enough range of unique profiles as to make the list grow beyond a 1:1 b/w distilleries and unique profiles.

like, the Wild Turkey line-up seems to warrant one (not sure what the core WT expression is, but I bet there is one).

and - surely, given what I've read, that the Old Protrero offerings are the same.

but what about the Van Winkles, which one is the personification of their idea (and therefore truly distinct flavor profile) of bourbon?

then there are so many others out there... what do you think?

05-21-2008, 21:29
A true softball and an easy example would be the Old Granddad line. Very distinctive and I'd bet nearly all the SB.com folks could pick out an OGD variation if blindfolded and served a taste.

05-22-2008, 10:30
for example, here's how I'm envisioning things in my head:

the all-star list of truly unique/distinct flavor profiles in American Whiskey

profile name > expression {family} (brand) [distillery] - description

Jim Beam's Bourbon > Booker's {Beam Small Batch} (Jim Beam) [Jim Beam] - one might say the essence of Jim Beam's version of bourbon, at least that's what it seems Booker Noe had in mind when he first bottled this hand-picked cask strength (~125proof) version, aged ~7yrs.

Van Winkle's Bourbon > Pappy 15 {Van Winkle family} (Old Rip Van Winkle) - hardly a better example exists of the Van Winkle family's contribution to bourbon than this 15yr 107proof expression.

[B]Elmer T Lee's Bourbon > Elmer T Lee Single Barrel...

OGD ?? > Old Grand-Dad ??...

anyone disagree with the above or have anything to add/change?

05-23-2008, 22:17
sorry bro but I think this qualifies as a bad thread...just let 'er die a dignified death.