View Full Version : Bourbon should ALMOST be illegal.

Jeff G.
05-25-2008, 20:44
I noticed I had several bottles of various bourbons setting around...
(wow...tough to type rite now..)..

JIm beam black label.. Makers Mark, Wathens...

I laid out 3 glasses and have procededd to go through each, a drink of each one atfter another...

The beam black label... smooth, sweet, goes down easy..
Makers mark.. defininetly smokier.. very smooth... simply awesome..
Wathens.. completely different flavors.. Still nice, not as smooth as the makers.... but something nice there.. edgy......

whoa.. after the 5th round with all three... definitely feeling it.. the Makers is still the standout... good stuff..

05-28-2008, 08:05
From what I have read...Beam and HH use the same style of yeast strain. Which would give the Wathens and Beam some similar flavors....might explain your preferrence for the wheated style of MM.

How is the bourbon sellection in Kokomo these days? My sister and her family were in town this last weekend...visiting in-laws and for the Race of course.