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08-12-2000, 15:09
I promised that I would start posting the bottles that we will be auctioning off to raise money for the museum as they came in to the museum. I just came from Bardstown and the first bottles have arrived. They are from Heaven Hill and they are two bottles of 18 Year Old Elijah Craig Single Barrel 90 proof, 750 ml in their carton and one Henry McKenna Special Reserve 80 proof 750 ml Jug Decanter. All three bottles have been signed by Parker Beam and Max Shapiro. Buffalo Trace called yesterday and said their bottles are on the way. Charles Medley als called and said that he is going to give us some bottles as well. I will keep you all posted as they come to the museum.
Mike Veach

08-21-2000, 15:30
Time for an update on the auction bottles. We have received two bottles of Buffalo Trace signed by Gary Gayheart and two bottles of Elmer T. Lee signed by Elmer T. Lee. Jim Beam has called and they are geting their bottles ready and Charles Medley has promised some bottles for us this year. Julian Van Winkle has also sent me an email stating he is getting his bottles together.

09-01-2000, 15:34
I have two more bottles to report for the auction. They are from Brown-Forman and they are a Woodford Reserve 1999 Breeder's Cup bottle 750ml, 90.4 proof signed by Lincoln Henderson and a Woodford Reserve 2000 Kentucky Derby bottle 750ml 90.4 proof also signed by Lincoln. Heavan Hill states that they do not have any of the 23 Year Old Evan Williams this year so there will be a new candidate for the highest price at the auction this year. These two bottles could be the new champ for the museum but Julian Van Winkle also is going to have some good prospects for this title. I will pick up his bottles next week and post them on this site but I will tell you that I have talked to Julian and he has a real gem in store for the museum. All I will say for now is that it is a real special 23 Year Old Pappy Van Winkle.

09-04-2000, 12:58
There are some more bottles for the auction at the museum. The Master Distillers bottles are
1) 5 Bottles of George Dickel No. 12 90 proof 750 ml bottles autographed bt Jennings D. Backus. They sent a whole case but it has been our past experience that after 3 or so bottles of the same product the price falls off sharply so we will put one in one of our baskets and then offer the other 6 to anybody who wants one at the last bottle's auction price. If they don't sell then we will save them for next year. Dave Backus really came through for us and I want to acknowledge his generous gift. We really appreciate it.
2) 2 Bottles of Ezra Brooks 7 Year Old 200 ml bottles from ca. 1980 made by the Medley Distillery and autographed by Charles Medley. These bottles are from my private "stash" and I will get Charles to autograph them when he comes down for the seminar on Friday.

I also picked out the antique bottles from our duplicates in the storeroom of the museum. We keep three sample of every whiskey donated to us but we often have a dozen or more bottles of the same product donated at a time so this auction allows us to clear a little space in the storeroom and make some money at the same time. The bottles I have chosen are as follows:
1) 2 Bottles of Old Taylor Bottled in Bond 1 pint in their cartons Made Spring 1917 Bottled Fall 1927.
2) 2 Bottles of Bankers and Brokers Bottled in Bond 1 pint Made Spring 1936 Bottled Spring 1941.
3) 2 Bottles of Bankers and Brokers Bottled in Bond 1/2 pint Made Spring 1937 Bottled Spring 1941.
4) 2 Bottles of Old Fitzgerald Bottled in Bond 1 pint Made Spring 1937 Bottled Spring 1943.
5) 2 Bottles of Crestmore Bourbon Bottled in Bond 1 pint Made Spring 1916 Bottled Spring 1923.
6) 2 Bottles of Shady Spring Bourbon Bottled in Bond 1 pint Made Spring 1935 Botled Spring 1940.
7) 2 Bottles of Yellowstone Bourbon Bottled in Bond 1 pint Made Spring 1938 Bottled Fall 1942.
8) 2 Bottles of Gibson's Rye Bottled in Bond 1 pint with cartons Made Fall 1916 Bottled Fall 1933.
9) 2 Bottles of Racquet Club Bourbon Bottled in Bond 4/5 Quart Made Spring 1935 Bottled Fall 1942.
10) 1 Bottle of J. W. Dant Bottled in Bond 1 Quart Made Spring 1934 Bottled Spring 1941.
11) 1 Bottle of Old Sunny Brook Bourbon Bottled in Bond 1 Quart with carton Made Spring 1937 Bottled Fall 1941.
12) 2 1925 Prescriptions for spirits.

The Bankers and Brokers is a Stitzel-Weller bourbon and is a wheated bourbon.
The Yellowstone is Taylor and Williams bourbon made before Glenmore bought the brand.
The Racquet Club is a Bernheim Distillery bourbon.

There are also two baskets of antique whiskey bottles be auctioned.

Basket 1) This basket has the J.W. Dant, Yellowstone, Old Fitzgerald, Bankers and Brokers 1/2 pint, Gibson's Rye, a 1925 prescription, a "Pictorial History of Whiskey" by Oscar Getz (Paperback version) and an Oscar Getaz Museum shot glass.
Basket 2) This basket has the Racquet Club, Old Taylor, Bankers and Brokers pint, Shady Springs, Crestmore, a 1925 prescription, a "Pictorial History of Whiskey" by Oscar Getz (Paperback version) and an Oscar Getz Museum shot glass.

There are more distiller's bottles on the way and I hope that you all will come out make your bids.
Mike Veach

09-08-2000, 15:26
I have more bottles for the auction to report. But first I want everyone to know that the official sponsor of the auction this year is once again Julian Van Winkle. He has sponsored us every year but one and I want everyone to know that we really appreciate his support in this event. He goes that extra mile for us and he deserve a lot of credit for helping us make the event what it is.
With all of that said here are the bottles for the auction:
Brown-Forman has given us 2 bottles of Old Forester 86 proof autographed by Lincoln Henderson.
Julian Van Winkle has given us some real prizes this year.
The first bottle is a Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye 750ml bottle Distilled in 1985, 100 proof. This bottle was botled for a customer in Paris and by request of the customer it was not chill filtered. It is autographed by Julian Van Winkle III.
The second bottle is also a Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye 750ml bottle, 13 years old, 95.6 proof also autographed by Julian Van Winkle III.
The third bottle is Berghoff Bourbon 750ml bottle, 14 years old, 90 proof. Berghoff Restaurant in Chicago has Julian bottle this wheated bourbon for the restaurant and it is available only at the restaurant in Chicago. It is autographed by Julian Van Winkle III.
The fourth bottle is a Van Winkle Family Reserve 750ml bottle, 16 years old 101 proof bottled in 1990 for a customer in Japan. It is sealed with a red wax that would be a trademark infringement in the U.S. It is bourbon from the same distillation as the 20 year old Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve. It is also autographed by Julian Van Winkle III.
The fifth bottle is a Van Winkle Family Reserve 750ml bottle, 17 years old 101 proof which is the same bourbon as the bottle above with an extra year of age and it has the Japanese customer's label on the back. It is autographed by Julian Van Winkle III.
The last but certainly not the least is a very special bottle. It is a Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve 750ml bottle, 23 years old 95.6 proof. This bottle is one of 3,300 individually numbered bottles in this Limited Edition Bourbon and it is bottle number 2,000 especially selected for this auction in the year 2000. It is also autographed by Julian Van Winkle III.

The bottles donated by all of the distillers are very special and remember that 100% of the money raised at this event goes to help support the Oscar Getz Museum of Whiskey History. I do hope that you will all come out and support us by bidding on these bottles. There will be more bottles from other distillers but I am not sure that I will have time to post them on this site as they come in next week but I will try.
Mike Veach

09-14-2000, 08:17
I was at the Getz Museum last night and we have all of our bottles except Four Roses and they should be there Friday afternoon. I don;t have at hand the exact details of the bottles but I will tell you of the two most exciting bottles received yesterday. Jimmy Russell gave us two bottles of a new product that will be introduced at the Gala Saturday night. This is Wild Turkey 101 "Russell Reserve" 10 YO signed by Jimmy and his son Eddie who is the next generation of Russell's to distill fine bourbon whiskey. This is your chance to own a bottle that is sure to be a collector's item.
Mike Veach

09-18-2000, 15:16
Let the records show that Linda and John Lipman (I believe under Linda's influence) are the proud owners of one of these bottles! Thought I'd prevent them from having to brag -- I'll brag for them.

I got the pint of Old Crow signed by the gatehouse guard -- just kidding!


09-18-2000, 15:44
Just to let everyone know that we exceeded our goal this year. I want to thank all of those that came and participated. I especially want to thank John and Linda for allowing me to use them to get the bidding started on some of the items (Yes, I know you are not the rye person from this site John but I had to use somebody to get it started!) Thanks again for your support and I hope to see more of you next year.
Mike Veach

09-18-2000, 16:48
Mike, just in case you did not notice, I did start the bidding on several items, too, and was glad to do it. However, I tried to do that on items I thought I could afford! Glad it went very well! It was fun! (& I hope you are right about the value of my purchases.)


09-18-2000, 21:09
Mike, I sincerely hope there will be less, not more, of me by next year's festival, but you can be assured you'll be seeing us, and probably before the next KBF. Thank you, again, for you gracious hospitality and we certainly enjoyed every minute.

Now, a challenge for you... Organize a long weekend seminar/retreat for sometime this winter or spring, just for StraightBourbon.com folks! It could include the Louisville tour, a Glen's Creek tour (Buffalo Trace, Old Crow, Old Taylor, and L&G), a Lawrenceburg tour (Wild Turkey, Four Roses, and Commonwealth), and Bardstown (Maker's and Heaven Hill). We could try to pursuade forum members that this would be a great way to spend some of their excess vacation time and cash and meet each other, and we could send undercover agents (dressed as sprocket salesmen) to kidnap Chuck and bring him with us.