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05-28-2008, 16:22
Has the label on EWBIB changed from white to green recently? I asked the local package store owner if he could get the EWBIB and, after checking with his distributor, he assured me that he could and that he'd have a case on the shelf by the end of the week.

When I returned I saw only black and green so I asked the owner. He told me that the BIB was on the shelf and pointed it out to me. Much to my surprise the label was green and I was about to tell him that it was not BIB. I then turned the bottle around and "Bottled in Bond" was clearly printed on the back label. The label also indicates 100 proof.

I bought a bottle but I'm not sure that it tastes the same as the white label to which I have become accustomed. Unfortunately I don't currently have a bottle of white label for comparison purposes. Thanks for any input.


05-28-2008, 16:24
I was under the impression that there were two different bottles, one or both BIB and one green label the other white.

05-28-2008, 16:33
I have only seen the EWBIB bottles with a white label. I know some of the HH named brands have different colored labels. The HH 80 proof bottling is usually white labeled but in Ohio and a few other states, it has a green label. Maybe the EWBIB bottles are different ages depending on the label!


05-28-2008, 17:08
Here in OR the green label is the 80 proof and the white is the BIB (which I've bought several times).

The web site (http://www.evanwilliams.com/about_brands.shtml) isn't much help. They have pictures of all the colors, but the resolution is insufficient to see the proof on the green and white labels.

05-28-2008, 18:23
A couple of pictures (maybe):

05-28-2008, 19:31
A couple of pictures (maybe):

I've seen this bottle. I think it was Craig (Craigthom) that has reported that this label may be a Georgia only distribution? I can't say if it is the same juice as what's in the white label. I've had the white, but not this one. BTW, I think the little shack/house on the label differentiates it from the other, standard, green label. Maybe, Craig can weigh in here, with more info.


05-29-2008, 06:32
With DSP 1 on the label...I would assume that it is a very recent product, rather than a dusty.

Doesn't the white label show an age statement? Maybe 6 years or so?

05-29-2008, 13:11
Hey Bettye Jo!!!
Help us out.

05-29-2008, 14:10
The Evan Williams BIB green 1783 has been around for a long time. We refer to it with the EW 1783 (green) distinction so that there will be no confusion as to which label to load. It's four years old and 100 proof. The one in the picture has the updated backs.

The Evan Williams BIB white label looks simular to the Evan Williams black NAS-86 proof. The background color is the difference in appearance. The EW white is four years old and 100 proof.

Edit--This is not the same as Evan Williams green. EW green looks like the EW black label in appearance cept its green. EW green comes in several different proofs and ages.

Hey Bettye Jo!!!
Help us out.

05-29-2008, 14:45
So the 1783 (Green) and EW BIB (white) are both 4 years old and 100 proof? Other than the color of the label is there any difference in the bourbon?

Thanks for your assistance.