View Full Version : How Good is Pinwinnie Scotch Now and how was it when Continental Distilling made it?

dave ziegler
06-03-2008, 05:03
One of the things I never tried when I worked for Publicker was Pinwinnie 12 yr Royal Blended Malt Scotch. When we made it in Scotland and shipped it here it always came in a fancy Box in a Purple Bag with a brass metal, and it was fairly expensive. The State stores here then had it but not any more and I can't seem to find it anywhere near here or on line but it is still made by Inver House LTD. If Anyone knows where it can be gotten or has had the older version and the newer I would love to hear their thoughts on its quality and Flavor! I know it was highly thought of when we made it and was shipped out of Linfield where I worked.
Dave Z
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