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06-09-2008, 06:51
I've been reading this forum for about two weeks now and really like how much information is shared in such a friendly way. I'm a medicinal drinker, I have a very nasty nerve disease called trigeminal neuralgia and so far the only relief I've found is from a mouthful of liquor. My condition is bad enough that it keeps me from working normal jobs so I am only able to afford the less expensive bottles.

I'm looking for recommendations for the biggest bottles I can get for the least amount of money. As soon as I can get a ride to the state liquor store today I've got about $25 to spend and I'm thinking about getting a big bottle of Ten High after reading about it in the BOTM. My last bottle was a bottle of Christian Brothers brandy, I can get a decent sized bottle of that for about $15.

I'm open to any suggestions on good pours that give me the most bang for my buck. I drink either neat or mixed with Pepsi or ginger ale, depending on my pain level. Also I'd be interested in meeting other bourbon drinkers in my area that would like to get together and knock back a few.


06-09-2008, 08:53
I've been reading this forum for about two weeks now and really like how much information is shared in such a friendly way.

Welcome to the board Jacob.

I'm a medicinal drinker, I have a very nasty nerve disease called trigeminal neuralgia and so far the only relief I've found is from a mouthful of liquor. My condition is bad enough that it keeps me from working normal jobs so I am only able to afford the less expensive bottles.

Just looked that up.

Oh. My. God.

I'm looking for recommendations for the biggest bottles I can get for the least amount of money. As soon as I can get a ride to the state liquor store today I've got about $25 to spend and I'm thinking about getting a big bottle of Ten High after reading about it in the BOTM.

Evan Williams Black Label is a good inexpensive pour, better than TH. You should be able to find a 1.75 of that under $20.

06-09-2008, 09:11
Thanks, I'll check on the Evan Williams as soon as I can get a ride to the state store. I'm hoping to get there today.

I know, trigeminal neuralgia is also known as "the suicide disease" because many people can't get relief from any medications. I'm one of them. It is also considered to be one of the most painful conditions known to medicine. When I go to the ER they know me and hook me up to a morphine drip as soon as I walk in the door. Unfortunately, even the morphine doesn't even take the edge off the pain, but its the most potent thing they have. Thankfully while researching to try and find something that would help I found that people were saying that alcohol helped them. I tried and sure enough it did work. I think its because it absorbs into my gums and numbs the nerve.

I started using Christian brothers brandy, I would just let a good healthy sip sit in my mouth for 4-10 seconds and it helped almost instantly. Now I'm researching to find the most bang for my buck. The CB is a decent price, but I'm still searching to find better so I can stock up. Also, since I'm going to be drinking anyway, I might as well enjoy it ;)


06-09-2008, 09:36
Jacob, sorry to hear of you condition, but very happy you found this site! It's a great group here I hope you enjoy yourself.

As for cheap 1.75's EWBL would be great or if you can get the W.L.Weller SR should be in your price range an I like it quite a bit.

Welcome aboard!


06-09-2008, 09:49
Hey Jacob,

Glad that you came aboard! There are tons of great recommendations on the site. Depending on your tastes for either young or old whiskey.....I would recommend two. Wild Turkey rye (young and sassy) and Weller 107(older and more developed). With the high alcohol content, you wouldn't have to use as much, per drink. This would also keep the number of trips to the store at a minimum. So, what ever you decide....go for the higher proof, it also, translates to a better flavor.

06-09-2008, 09:58
Thanks for all the great advice! I've got $46 to spend and my ride should be here shortly. I'll post what I got when I get back. I am hoping to get two big bottles of something, but until I see what they have I'm not sure what I'll get. but I do intend on getting more than one brand so I can sample them and see which I like best.

I do know I've always liked crown royal and christian brothers brandy. So if that helps to give you an idea of my tastes, I'm always open for suggestions. I remember my dad had a bottle of some kind of rye, I think it was called kummel - I hated it. it tasted like rye seeds amplified to the 100th power and was not at all to my liking. Are all ryes like this?


06-09-2008, 10:15
All ryes are different. Usually, the older and higher proof versions have been better examples. They do get a little pricey some times. Rittenhouse Bottled in Bond is probably the leader in $$/ flavor.

Dr. François
06-09-2008, 10:18
Another good "cheaper" is McAfee's Benchmark. To echo previous recommendations, my top five inexpensive jugs (in order of preference) are:

Weller Special Reserve
Evan Williams Black Label
Very Old Barton (if available)
McAfee's Benchmark
Ten High

Incidentally, these are ranked in order of price (high to low).

Does proof matter? There are a couple of high-proof whiskeys that may do the trick. Fighting Cock 103 (a little more expensive) is about the best bang/buck ratio when you account for flavor.

06-09-2008, 10:30
Well, I got $46 to spend, wish me luck and I'll grab what I can and let you know what I found. With a little luck some of them might be on sale. Is it best to sample them on separate days? or can I rinse with water and sample the next?

My ride is here, wish me luck!!!


Dr. François
06-09-2008, 10:55
I did some searching at this website (http://www.com.ohio.gov/liqr/rpts/dolc.liquor.pricelist.txt)
It looks like these bottles are available in Ohio. Disregard the
recommendation for Weller...too pricey down there.
Also, Fighting Cock 103 is not available. Not a huge loss :)

Anyway, here are some state stock numbers to help you in your search.

Best of luck!

0850B BENCHMARK BOURBON 8 YEAR $ 8.20 TO $ 8.30 $ 8.95
PROOF: 80.0

0850D BENCHMARK BOURBON 8 YEAR $ 17.20 TO $ 17.45 $ 18.95
PROOF: 80.0

9535B WELLER RESERVE BBN $ 21.15 TO $ 21.45 $ 22.20
PROOF: 90.0

0104D TEN HIGH $ 17.45 TO $ 17.70 $ 19.25
PROOF: 80.0

2948D EVAN WILLIAMS BBN $ 24.65 TO $ 25.00 $ 26.55
PROOF: 86.0

06-09-2008, 11:32
I'm back, two bottles of heaven hill 90 proof and a bottle of mcafee benchmark 80 proof in my hands. I couldn't find any bartons, fighting cock or WL weller. They did have the Evan Williams, but the heaven hill was right next to it, a bigger bottle and 90 proof for only $2 more, so I grabbed two :)

I'm going to try the Heaven Hill tonight, I'll let you know what I think of it. I had a bottle of rebel yell in my hands but I was about 40c short so I had to put it back. Oh well, I got three bottles to start with and I'm happy.


06-09-2008, 14:34
Welcome Jacob, Sorry about your condition. Hope some of the things you'll find out here will help. Ask anything you want. I'm sure someone will be able to help, and if not they have a way of finding things out. The people on this site are great. Some folks have already given you some good recommendations. I like Rebel Yell, but it's a wheated bourbon, and only 80 proof, so it might not be a good choice for your needs. Don't let the names of some bourbons fool you. I've made that mistake before. Keep checking the threads and asking questions. You'll get the hang of things in no time. Best of luck. Joe

06-09-2008, 15:52
This is by far the friendliest forum I've ever found. And names don't make me buy bourbon, taste does. If I was buying something for the name I'd problably be making stupid choices like JD, but even before I knew better from reading here I never liked JD. Although I will admit to polishing off quite a bit of Jim Beam Choice and black label in my past - please don't hold that against me ;)

I'm going to crack open the heaven hill in a little bit, its still too hot to think about knocking back a shot. After reading some other threads here I'm considering trying some vatting once I have a little more to work with. Right now I've only got the heaven hill and the mcafee benchmark, will either of them be good to work with for vatting? And, what would I use with them to create a good vat?


06-11-2008, 20:52
Don't know what therapies you've tried or what your insurance situation is, but there are effective treatments for extreme cases. There are minimally invasive surgical procedures to ablate the nerve (trigeminal ganglion) that triggers the pain. Another option is stereotactic radiosurgery--a one time radiation zap to the nerve with minimal risk to normal tissue. See a neurosurgeon at a large/university medical center if you can. Case Western and Ohio State may be in your area.

Good luck, hope you get relief. Glad you enjoy bourbon, but don't think it's a good long term solution for T.N.

06-12-2008, 07:45
Insurance is the issue, I have none. My Doc also suspects that I have MS but I haven't been able to afford to get the tests done. I've been forced to use the emergency room when I need to see a doc but they can't do much. They basically only make sure I'm not dying and then tell me to see a doctor. I've tried everything to get assistance so I can see a doctor but they keep turning me down even though my family doctor is telling them I need surgery and constant medications.

The T.N. is only one of my health issues, I also have 3 bad disks in my back, can't walk without a cane most days and suffer from insomnia. When I was in PA a doctor there gave me valium and it helped a lot with the insomnia and also all but stopped the T.N. attacks. Now that I'm back in Ohio no doctor will renew the prescription because they say its too addictive and they turn around and write me a prescription for narcotics instead. It doesn't make any sense to me since they are just as addictive and have bad side effects that prevent me from taking them. For one, They make me feel like I drank way too much coffee, constipate me and they don't help the pain at all. So they leave me in pain, wide awake and knot up my stomach. I don't even bother filling the prescriptions any more because they are a waste of money.


06-12-2008, 14:06
Welcome to the board, Jacob. I just did some reading about TN and it sounds horrible, but I'm glad that you found something that gives you relief.

I see that Dr. Francois gave you a link to the ODLC monthly price list. Keep that handy as they update the info toward the end of each month and you can check out pricing and such before you head out to the store. You're fortunate that Ohio has no shortage of big bottles of inexpensive bourbon available.

What part of NEO are you in? I'm up along the lake in Willowick.

06-12-2008, 14:14
I'm in Willoughby, right up the road from you off lakeshore.


06-12-2008, 16:15
When you get toward the bottom of your current supply, I'll be glad to make a state store run for you if your other transportation isn't available. Just PM me and I'll be more than happy to give you a hand. Shoregate Beverage and Willo Beverage, both have plenty of 1.75's of bourbon in stock all the time.

I'll fly, you buy. :grin:

06-12-2008, 16:38
Thats sounds like a deal! I've been going to the state store in the Giant Eagle in Mentor on the Lake. Would be good to see what the other stores have in stock.


06-14-2008, 23:36
While it's great that you share our enthusiasm for bourbon, it seems that you have bigger issues. I hope you're not becoming dependent on the alcohol for relief. Health care workers will likely be less sympathetic if you are, despite your underlying conditions. Have you had a brain MRI? That would help evaluate for the presence of MS. Do you have a social worker; I don't know how the Ohio systems work, but there could be options at public teaching hospitals--even some of the advanced treatments may be available.

06-15-2008, 08:17
I understand your concern but I don't drink daily. Isn't it funny how health care workers have no problem giving you prescription after prescription for narcotics and think nothing of it. But let them hear one time that you are self medicating with alcohol and they look down on you like you are the dregs of the earth. Even people react the same way, look how many people on here talk about their "daily pour" and no one thinks anything of it, but mention that it helps with a medical condition and daily pour becomes a dependency on alcohol.

I've tried everything around here, I can't find a teaching hospital anywhere near me. And they turned me down for public assistance health care even though my doc clearly stated on the forms that I need surgery and constant medical attention. My case worker told me I should try again after I get on social security and I'd have a better chance. It seems they do everything to make it almost impossible to get any help unless you are either an illegal alien or you are popping out kids like its a hobby.

They did do an MRI on my head but it was years ago. Now when I go to the hospital emergency room they look at my chart, see I have T.N. and don't bother with any tests, they just drug me up for an hour or two and then send me home with a prescription for more drugs that I won't even bother getting filled. Of course they always tell me to see my regular doc or refer me to a neurologist even though they already know that I have no insurance and can't afford to see a doc. I've asked them how am I supposed to do this with no insurance and no cash, but they just send me off like its not their problem.

I can find help for a sick or wounded animal for free with ease. There are organizations all over that will bend over backwards to help an animal in need, but a sick human is just sent away to be someone else's problem.


06-15-2008, 18:26
University Hospitals, Cleveland Clinic and MetroHealth Medical Center are all research/teaching hospitals. I think that you could find diagnostic treatments at one of those if you had the proper advocate. Have you tried contacting a social worker at University?

06-15-2008, 21:33
No question the system's f'ed up. Too much paperwork and bureauocracy. A model of inefficiency. Illogical with the insured getting "discounts" and the uninsured left out, unless it's life threatening. From a little web searching, it looks like there are TN support groups and some resources out there. Any treatment, even the "simple" radiosurgery is in the tens of thousand dollar range. It's crazy for what it is. I hope you can get some kind of benefits and possibly evaluation and treatment at one of the big universities where they have treatment options.