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07-11-2008, 15:03
For Fourth of July, I revisited Jeff's BPT recipe (the thread is now closed but you can search on pork tenderloin in this forum for the recipe) and fixed it for my sister and her family that were visiting. I went a step further and also used some chicken breasts that I marinated overnight in the same marinade mixture. I then pounded out the boneless breasts to be very thin, added some ham and sprinkled lightly some fresh mint and rolled them up into small logs, pinning them together with bamboo skewers before throwing the tenderloin and the chicken on the grill. After reducing the remaining marinade I brushed it (there wasn't enough to pour left) on the slice tenderloin and sliced chicked breasts. The mint was almost overpowering but nobody needed a breath freshener after dinner.

A week later, I had some of the chicken leftovers today for lunch. The mint is still a dominant factor but it held up to being hidden in the fridge for a week nicely.

Here's the thread:


07-11-2008, 20:04
Dane, I too have used this as a starter recipe with some regularity. Just yesterday, for example, I marinaded some beef strip steaks in some Ten High, seasoned salt, and freshly-ground black pepper before pan-frying/broiling them in the Tuscan style (I didn't judge the cut to be worth the brown sugar and orange, and I was right!). In some variation, this is my standard practice now with steak (especially the Tuscan-pan prep).
So, kudos to Jeff for bringing this marinade to the fore.:iagreejeff:

10-30-2008, 15:45
Sorry I missed this, but thanks guys! I still make this quite frequently, still mostly with pork, but also chicken occasionally. The only change that I have made is the addition of few shakes of Worcestershire sauce. It adds a little somethin' somethin' to it :)

10-30-2008, 15:53
Hmm, interesting. I almost always add some bitters (usually a blend of several types) to savory bourbon recipes, but never to sweet bourbon recipes. I'd be tempted to try those in place of the Worcestershire Sauce.