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    Re: Hello from Kentucky!

    Hey there from Louisville. Come up sometime for the Bourbon Society meetings, they are every month on the third Tuesday, 7pm at Bourbon's Bistro (for now, location may change as we're getting too big...
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    Re: Hello from Durham

    Greetings! I just moved to Louisville from Durham last year. And now I enjoy almost unlimited access to bourbon. It's a whole different world, and I feel for you. FWIW, you can always get your local...
  3. Re: New from Louisvile, not new to bourbon

    Thanks for the welcome, Jim. How do I go about adding a signature? I'm a pretty technologically savvy guy but I'm having trouble finding where to do that in this system.
  4. New from Louisvile, not new to bourbon

    Hey everyone, I'm Erik and I've been reading SB for a while and drinking bourbon for longer. I just started a new bourbon blog. Is it okay for me to link to my blog articles on the forums? I don't...
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