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  1. Re: BOTM 3/10: Evan Williams Black Label 86 proof

    Vader, I am pleased to report that my grandfather will celebrate his 99th birthday in June. We are planning to have a week long celebration as he has slowed down considerably since last I reported on...
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    Re: Intro from Georgia

    Welcome BluesDaddy! Here you will find a true social experience of everything bourbon and much more. Pull up a chair and pour your own favorite drink and let us know what's on your mind these days.
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    Re: BOTM 6/10: Fighting Cock

    I have a bottle of the Fighting Cock 103 with the clear label aged six years. While it doesn't present as a complex nose or palate, it is nicely smooth for 103 proof bourbon. The nose is light and...
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    Re: BOTM 5/10 Ancient Age

    Me and Ancient Age go way back. As I have posted in the past, I was introduced to AA by my grandparents by way of sneaking sips from unattended drinks. They mixed it with Canada Dry Ginger Ale and a...
  5. Re: new to the forum and my first post

    Welcome my friend. You've come to the right place if you enjoy bourbon. Just browse around and soon you'll have more suggestions for fine bourbon than you have time or money to spend drinking it.
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    Re: Newb from Northern California

    Welcome aboard Erik! I think you'll find SB.com a great place to cuss and discuss all things bourbon and a lot of things not bourbon:grin:
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    Re: Noob from Richmond, CA

    One way to calibrate your nose to see if it's "cork taint", 2,4,6 trichloroanisole (TCA), is sniff wet news paper or the stem on a ripe banana first then sniff the cork, cap, bottle, or whiskey. TCA...
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    Re: Greetings from AA, MI

    Welcome! Always good to have a new member come aboard and join us. Find something you like and jump right in.
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    Re: Welcoming MGB!

    Yes, welcome MGB. Pull up to the table and join in :icon_pidu:
  10. Re: How much does a barrel of whiskey cost?

    Our local Army Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) buys barrels of Jack Daniels and has it bottled as the JD Single Barrel for post exchange customers. We get a slight break of a few dollars a bottle...
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    Re: Greetings from Ct.

    Welcome my friend. Don't be shy, just jump in there and let's talk about all things wonderful in the bourbon world.
  12. Re: Question From a New Bourbon Enthusiast

    The only problem I have had with long storage of open bottles is if they have a cork stopper. I have had the corks deteriorate so bad that they fell apart and left cork goo around the inside of the...
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    Re: Hallo from Germany

    Und ein Gruss Gott Sie auch Francois!

    I lived in Munich, Augsburg, Stuttgart in the early 80's. I've got only great memories of my time there. I would say you are strategically located to travel...
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    Re: Josh from Alabama

    Welcome Josh! it's always encouraging to see a fellow Alabama bourbon drinker come to Straight Bourbon. I look forward to hearing more from you.
  15. Re: BOTM 3/10: Evan Williams Black Label 86 proof

    I can't believe I missed that. Maybe that's why my grandfather was so confident in which were 7 and which were not. I will be visiting again in early summer. I will make a closer inspection if he...
  16. Re: BOTM 3/10: Evan Williams Black Label 86 proof

    He did point out several jugs with handles saying they were the older 7 year old EW. There is a good chance some of them have been in the cabinet for at least 10 years but most of them were "lost" in...
  17. Re: BOTM 3/10: Evan Williams Black Label 86 proof

    My grandfather, at 95, still enjoys a nightly dram. His dram of choice is Evan Williams. He keeps his stash on the bottom shelf of the bottom cabinet in his kitchen. He always buys the 1.75 liter...
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    Re: alternatives to Buffalo Trace

    I have wanted to hear those words for decades. Thank you! I don't watch a lot of TV. Maybe that's why my lovely wife hasn't cashed me in for the insurance money. We established the ground rules on...
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    Re: First Post

    A fine hello to you as well, SRXblue. I have eyeballed the 80 Strong for a while too but haven't tried it yet. I haven't heard any opinions on it but this is the right place to find out.
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    Re: Pleased to meet you

    Welcome aboard Ultra. Judging from your extensive list of spirits, I'd say you came to the right place. I look forward to reading your posts!
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    Re: alternatives to Buffalo Trace

    I suffer horribly from this type of law in Alabama. I did find out by accident that shippers that agree to ship by UPS or FEDEX and require a validated over 21 signature on delivery are allowed to...
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    Re: alternatives to Buffalo Trace

    Thanks Joe! I guess we all have been there to some dregee or another. I suppose that's why we're here. It's like a support group for bourbon lover's.:icon_pidu:
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    Re: alternatives to Buffalo Trace

    This thread reminds me of the day I decided I would embark on a journey to discover Scotch which led me to bourbon which led me to wine and then I entered an endless do-loop trying them all and...
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    Re: BOTM, 1/09: Weller Antique

    To me the Antique was one of those bourbons with intense flavor and some heat to go with it. I got a lot of sweet corn, brown sugar, buttered cinnamon toast, oak, hint of smoke, pepper, all spice and...
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    Re: First Timer's Club

    This may not count but here goes...

    I was looking for a before dinner drink and decided to experiment. I took about 25ml of Prichard's Cranberry rum and 25ml of Royal Lochnagar 12 and introduced...
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