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    Sticky: Re: BOTM 12/13: J.W. Dant BIB

    I have a bottle of 2/16 opened for over 6 months now. It has what looks to be a tax stamp on the shoulder of the bottle. I was impressed with it when I first opened it. I just haven't revisited it in...
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    Sticky: Re: BOTM 8/13: Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel

    Good call on the botm. When I first tried my first bottle of ETL, I didn't really like it. My first impressions were that there were some flavors but they were faint. No doubt smooth. It wasn't...
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    Sticky: Re: BOTM 7/13: Willet Pot Still Reserve

    I have a bottle of this opened at the moment. It's just OK for my preferences. To me, there's not enough of the different elements that make it a good one. The burn was a little more than what it...
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