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    Sticky: Re: BOTM 3/14: Maker's Mark

    I think Maker's quality took a nose dive these past couple of years. Initially, Maker's was sweet, fruity, juicy and creamy. Now when I get it, it is consistently astringent and loaded with ethanol.
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    Sticky: Re: BOTM 4/14: Weller Special Reserve

    I think this one gets overlooked compared to OWA107 and W12, without good reason. I know that higher proof or age trumps this one, but sometimes I find this one to be a great value pour compared to...
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    Sticky: Re: BOTM 4/13: Old Grand Dad 114

    Not a bottle I grab much. Tastes more like a rye than a bourbon to me. I prefer the BIB. No doubt good stuff but a little bit too hot and too much rye for me. Good to have on the shelf though and I...
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    Re: Hello from Westchester, NY

    Howdy, I was White Plains born and raised!

    Judging from NY prices, I can understand how frustrating whiskey can be. :lol:

    Anyhow, welcome! Lots a good stuff to learn here and from good people...
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    Re: Got the ABC blues in North Carolina

    Welcome! When I go to NC and visit the ABC, I always find the bottom shelf is a gold mine. Cheers!
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    Sticky: Re: BOTM 1/14: Colonel E H Taylor Small Batch

    I really love this stuff. I would drink it more often if it was cheaper, but it really hits the spot for me. I think this is the best looking bottle on the shelf! Here are my notes:

    Nose: Orange...
  7. Re: So my favorite Bourbon so far is Bulleit Frontier Whiskey. Granted ...

    I too find OGD114 a bit hot, but my biggest issue with OGD is, like Bulleit, it has those cola, root beer, licorice flavors. It acts much like a rye whiskey does.

    I like OGD100 instead. Just a...
  8. Re: So my favorite Bourbon so far is Bulleit Frontier Whiskey. Granted ...

    Its not necessarily the rye flavor - I love spice - but I am not too keen on the cola, minty, licorice flavors. I still enjoy them from time to time but I find FRSB to much more rounded in that...
  9. Re: So my favorite Bourbon so far is Bulleit Frontier Whiskey. Granted ...

    Like Jim Beam Black? Try out Knob Creek! That one is at the top of my list as well as Wild Turkey 101 and Jim Beam Black. I am not too keen on the higher rye bourbons like Bulleit, but love, love...
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    Sticky: Re: BOTM 9/13: 1792 Ridgemont Reserve

    When I had it, I enjoyed it. Good balance of sweet, spice and vanilla.
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    Re: YO! from Philadlephia

    Welcome! I too am from Philly.
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    Sticky: Re: BOTM 8/13: Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel

    ETL is one of my all-time favorite bourbons. It is just so easily drinkable yet packed with flavor. I love the citrus fruitiness, baking spice and toffee backbone it has. I can see why Elmer...
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    New from Philadelphia

    Hello all. I have been lurking here for quite sometime as SB is a great resource on bourbon. I have been nearly a year into my bourbon obsession and thought it was time to join this community. I am...
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