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    Re: On the Rocks.....

    I'm with Tim on this one so drink it any way you like. What tastes best to you is the right way. I tend to drink my mid & top shelf straight and use my lower shelf bourbons for mixed drinks.
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    Re: Greetings from Florida!

    I placed my order for the PVW 23 on Thursday and had Brett throw in two Weller 12's. Had just about every other Weller offering except this one. Looking forward to trying it next to the others that...
  3. Re: At what temperature is bourbon best enjoyed?

    Always over a glass full of ice! :lol:
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    Re: BOTM, 1/06: Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel

    Has anyone have a bad experience with the Binny's ETL bottling? If not, it sounds like this version might be the right one to buy for now.
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    Re: BOTM, 2/07: Pappy Van Winkle 20yo

    How do I know if I have SW bourbon or not? I have a Pappy 15 I bought 2 months ago and a Pappy 20 I bought about 3 months ago. I also have 6 Pappy 15's on their way from Binny's as we speak. This...
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    Re: BOTM, 2/07: Pappy Van Winkle 20yo

    I just sent Julian a PM on 1/31/07 asking how much longer the Pappy 15 would contain SW. He stated that Pappy 15 will indeed be SW through the end of this year and maybe through early 2008. Who was...
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    Re: New to this site and Bourbon

    Looks like you are off to a great start with what you have. George T Stagg is one of my top 5. You can't go wrong with any of the Van Winkle (Pappy or Old Rip) line. My favorite so far is Pappy...
  8. Poll: Re: Noah's Mill, Rowan's Creek or Kentucky Vintage 17?

    Sorry for any confusion. I meant the Vintage Bourbon 17 year old, not the Kentucky Vintage.
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    Poll: Best Black Maple Hill...

    Which is your favorite Black Maple Hill Expression - 11, 14 or 16 year old?
  10. Poll: Noah's Mill, Rowan's Creek or Kentucky Vintage 17?

    Want to place an order of one of these on my next order at Binny's. Which one do you think is the better bourbon? I would get all 3 but my pocketbook (and wife) would complain...
  11. Poll: Pappy 20, AH Hirsch 16 or Black Maple Hill 21

    Which one is your favorite???
  12. Poll: Re: Your Favorite Wild Turkey Regardless Of Price

    I have not seen the 12 year or Tribute in my area (San Diego) or any online stores (Wine & Liquor Depot or Hi Times)...
  13. Poll: Your Favorite Wild Turkey Regardless Of Price

    What is your favorite Wild Turkey regardless of price (PLEASE ONLY VOTE IF YOU HAVE TRIED THEM ALL)
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    Re: Want To Try A New Brand

    Better yet, go to Hi Times in Orange County. Probaby the best selection of spirits (and wine) I have ever seen in one store. In addition, their prices are much better than Beverages & More (aka...
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    Least bitter american whiskey

    One thing I do not like in my spirits is bitterness. Any recommendations on the least bitter american whiskey's currently available?
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    Help me round out my collection

    I am more of a scotch whisky and tequila drinker than american whiskey but have quite a few friends that enjoy american whiskey. I want to round out my offering so please help me fill it in with top...
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