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    Sticky: Re: BOTM 7/14: Very Old Barton 100 proof/BIB

    I would so love to find this. Alas, once again Another brand Pennsylvania gets Zero bottles of this allocated per year. Really driving me nuts since I have been REALLY into 1792 RR the last month. A...
  2. Re: Hello from Connecticut, soon to be Kentucky

    Congrats on the eventual move and job opening. Seriously I'm so jealous. I'm slowly getting to the moving point also, I've had it with Pennsylvania's control of liquor (and I want better access to...
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    Sticky: Re: BOTM 4/14: Weller Special Reserve

    Well being only 1 month into my bourbon discovery and sampling phase, I found a Weller SR today in one of the local joints. Pretty shocking, as in pennsylvania I can't find ANY ANY weller's. First...
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    Re: New bourbon fanatic in eastern PA

    Thanks gentlemen. My favs so far have been ec12 and eagle rare 10yr. Both are plentiful but those I love every pour, mostly. My opens are Bulleit rye bland, beam devils cut awful, good is Makers 46,...
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    New bourbon fanatic in eastern PA

    Just wanted to introduce myself and some background. Im in eastern Pa, 32 yrs old and just became obsessed with bourbon a few months ago. New to bourbon but ive seen a few familiar names from cigar...
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