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    Sticky: Re: BOTM 10/12: Larceny

    I picked up a bottle of this night and had my first taste. As always, I tried it neat. I'll try a few drops of water in the future.

    The nose is nice - spicy, some wood and leather. When I tasted...
  2. Sticky: Re: BOTM: 6/12 Colonel E.H. Taylor, Jr. Warehouse C Tornado Surviving Bourbon

    I would agree about the continuity issue. I just wonder if they are using the special releases to get the name out there and get some buzz on it and then let it settle into a regular release. On the...
  3. Sticky: Re: BOTM: 6/12 Colonel E.H. Taylor, Jr. Warehouse C Tornado Surviving Bourbon

    It seems to me that BT may be using the CEHT label to create a program of rye bourbons to parallel the Van Winkle wheated bourbons. If that is the case, $55 for this age class seems reasonable.
  4. Sticky: Re: BOTM: 6/12 Colonel E.H. Taylor, Jr. Warehouse C Tornado Surviving Bourbon

    I meant to mention this also. There is a lot of different stuff going on here. Something different jumps out every time. Especially since it has been opened awhile.

  5. Sticky: Re: BOTM: 6/12 Colonel E.H. Taylor, Jr. Warehouse C Tornado Surviving Bourbon

    Wow! I happened to pour some of this one a few minutes ago and fired up the laptop and lo and behold, it is BOTM!

    So, I am going to post some thoughts on the fly. I haven't done that a lot so be...
  6. Re: I just dumped a bottle of EC12 down the drain

    Some people just don't like the Heaven Hill profile. Is that the issue, or is it a bad bottle?

    To my taste buds, EC12 is assertive and a bit spicy. It can have some burn on the end, but not too...
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    Sticky: Re: BOTM: 4/12 Benchmark Old No. 8

    I am always open to a value pour, but I am not a fan of this bourbon. I find it one of the most bland I have ever found. I bought it as a cheap mixer, but I found it so bland that mixing it with...
  8. Re: Hello all, whiskey lover from SoCal here...

    Welcome from the LBC!
  9. Sticky: Re: BOTM 3/12: Old Rip Van Winkle 10yr 90 proof

    I have compared ORVW 10/107 to Weller Antique and ORVW 10/90 to Weller 12 side-by-side and while I like all four, I would have to say I taste definite differences between the ORVW and Weller. The...
  10. Re: New from the industrial heartland of England

    Welcome to SB, Hitby!

    I would feel bad for you about the prices you pay for bourbon, but you should see what I have to pay for scotch!

    Congratulations on your baby to be. My daughter's birth...
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    Re: BOTM: 11/11 Old Ezra 101

    I have never seen it in SoCal either. I will have to ask around.

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    Re: New to bourbon

    I would recommend as a newbie you work your way around different makers and different styles. You don't necessarily need to spend a lot of money to do that. I recommend focusing on the styles of...
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    Re: New from West Virginia


    You need to get some more of your product out to California! I would love to try it, but when I checked "where to buy" and the closest place is San Francisco. Any plans to expand into Los...
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    Re: New, seeking Bourbon advice

    How about something exclusive and not readily available in every liquor store, but not impossible for him to buy again if he wanted to? I think anything from the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection or...
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    Re: BOTM 6/11: Very Special Old Fitzgerald

    I happen to have picked up a bottle of VSOF about two months ago. I think I paid around $33 for it. I get some caramel and mint and a longish spicy finish. I am not getting much on the nose,...
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    Re: Hello from the LBC


    I have never tried cabin still, but I see it around here so I may pick up a bottle to give it a try.

    Maker's Mark was probably my second bourbon (after WT101) many years ago. I don't...
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    Hello from the LBC

    Hello to all from Long Beach, CA.

    I have been a lurker for quite awhile, but I recently decided to participate.

    I have been on the bourbon bus for longer yet. Since my college days, really. ...
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