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    Re: Returning after a LONG absense

    Hey Nick, welcome back. Im really new to bourbon but i learn a lot from the vets(you as well, i take it) here. I actually just tried BT for the first time last night. It was awesome, and at $22 a...
  2. Re: Hello from Ashland(transplant from Pittsburgh)

    I hate to bump this post, because I know it's annoying when people do it, but I just bought a bottle of Basil Hayden's 8 yro(which is now one of my favorites, incredibly smooth though lacks a bite,...
  3. Re: Hello from Ashland(transplant from Pittsburgh)

    I really appreciate all the help. I do want to take a trip through bourbon alley, seeing that i am really close to all of those distillers. i wish i would have started drinking bourbon a bit...
  4. Hello from Ashland(transplant from Pittsburgh)

    im new to bourbon tasting, but im glad i found it. it can get quite addictive though... why didnt anyone tell me that!!! anyway, i would just like to post some of my favorites and maybe have some...
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    Re: Hello from Northern Ireland

    I think woodford reserve is an excellent bourbon and one of my favorites. In saying that, i am also new on the trail and am trying new bourbons all the time. i have a new favorite almost every time...
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