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    I couldn't agree more. For me, MM just dies on...

    I couldn't agree more. For me, MM just dies on the finish.

    That said, I owe Maker's for getting me interested in bourbon in the first place. And I do think it is a fine bourbon... I think it...
  2. Finally made it to the Mo. Co. Stores

    Hey guys... thanks for the tip on the Mo. Co. store... checked it out today. Great selection.... much broader (and cheaper) than anywhere I've been yet.

    The specials are excellent... :grin:
  3. Hey Thanks Howie, Good advice... I've not yet...

    Hey Thanks Howie,

    Good advice... I've not yet made it to the Montgomery County liquor stores but did find the one in Laurel and got a bottle o' Rock Hill SB. Super good stuff! Seems like that...
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    Wild Turkey Rare Breed/Woodford Reserve

    While in the liquor store today I noticed a bottle of WTRB, the older batch W-T-01-99, mixed in with the newer batch WT-03RB. What do you think? Is it worth picking up the older batch (I already...
  5. Where to Get Bourbon in D.C./Maryland/Virginia

    Hello All,

    I'm fairly new to this site, although not entirely new to bourbon drinking. I recently moved to the Washington D.C. area from the West Coast and I am trying to find good stores to...
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