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    Sticky: Re: BOTM 10/12: Larceny

    I did a head to head tasting and its on par with the OWA for me. Both bottles had only recently been opened so we'll see what a little air does. It usually make wheaters better in my opinion. I'm...
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    Re: Hello from Iowa

    Glad to see another Iowan! I also live in DSM and agree with the Cyclone and Central City recommendations. Ingersoll doesn't have a great selection, but ocassionally has a good sale on scotch, or...
  3. Re: New Guy with a very old (12-yr-old) Old Overholt

    You can do some searches on Ebay and see what older bottles go for. Its not going to make you rich or anything, but you can get enough to get more than a few bottles of your favorite rye. If the...
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    Re: Jim Beam White vs Black vs Jack Daniels

    Buffalo Trace isn't really well known, but its a great price and not too difficult to find. I think it and the EWSB are great places to jump from JD, JB white, MM, etc.
  5. Re: Care to critique my order of bourbon/whiskey samplers?

    I pulled the trigger on a similar order a year or so ago, but they emailed me shortly thereafter that the shipping price was misstated in my order and would actually be quite a bit higher. They were...
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    Re: New Guy Doing a Nutty Taste Test

    For scientific accuracy, you could vary the order for each taster, but I think the fun of tasting the same thing with a group probably outweighs scientific considerations. :grin:
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    Re: New member from Iowa

    Welcome! I'm from Des Moines. I've enjoyed quite a few of your products. Always good to hear from a distiller. If you're ever in DSM and want some good bourbon let me know!
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    Re: New member from Des Moines, Iowa

    Recommendations - You can get Elijah Craig 12 at Central City for 19.99. You get a 10% discount if you say 'coupon.' I have really liked the last couple of bottles I have had of that. They also...
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    Re: New member from Des Moines, Iowa

    Greetings! I'm another newbie from DSM. Not the easiest place to find a great selection but it can be done. I have been kicking around the idea of starting a whiskey club/group in DSM for awhile. ...
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    Re: New from Des Moines Iowa

    Thanks for the welcomes. I have actually found a couple of great bourbon supplies near me. Central City in DSM carries the VW line and a couple of others you don't see everywhere. Not a huge...
  11. Re: Question on 1913 Mt Vernon Rye Unopened Bottle?

    I'm new here, but I would say the best predictor of the price of something is to look on ebay and see what similar items have brought in. I think there is a way to search including past auctions as...
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    New from Des Moines Iowa

    Greetings all!

    I'm an attorney in Des Moines Iowa. 28 y.o. I have been drinking bourbon for 4 or 5 years. I have tried a lot in the past couple of years.

    Of the top of my head, my...
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