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What Cocktail Are You Enjoying Spring/Summer 2014

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The drinks and the Fred Flintstone steaks sound awesome! Keep the fires burning I'm calling Quantas right now:grin:

Come on over mate! No shrimps on this barbie though.



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Too many mai tais!

So mixed up a cocktail in the spirit of the mai tai but completely diffefent:

2 oz each of aperol and blanco tequilla (espolon for me)

1/2 oz orgeat syrup

1/2 oz fresh ruby grapefruit juice

dash of rose water

shaken and served in a lowball with crushed ice

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Seemingly my youngest has a thing or two to learn about cocktail garnish. Besides that, the old fashioned in the glass was a good complement to the t-bone


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Good on you for getting through it, +1 parenting points.

Impressive selection of tiny broccoli, showing some real potential there!

What was the white and red bits?

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That was just the remainder of the ice-white, and the luxardo cherries-red. Slice of orange was also in there.

Nice sipper for a warm evening, likely to be one of the last of the year here.


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After an unseasonably hot day of yard work, turned to the magical cooling powers of a Kentucky Mule. No measurements. Healthy dose of VOB 6 yr BIB/ Vernor's Diet/squeeze of lime juice. Like a dip in the pool but from the inside.

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Last couple of days:

1) Midnight Stinger:

1.5 oz bourbon

1 oz fernet

.75 oz lemon juice

.75 oz simple syrup

Garnish w/ sprig of mint

2) Lion's Tail

2 oz bourbon

.5 oz Allspice liqueur (aka pimento dram)

.75 oz lime juice

splash of simple syrup

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Relaxing out in a warming Sun on a generally coolish day, listening to UGA on the radio, after a full day of chores, with a spectacularly prepared Old Fashioned. :yum:

I'm sure that sentence is an abomination to English teachers...cuz it don't look right to me, but I'm too tired to figure it out...:crazy:

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Got my first ever bottle of larceny today, which is a big moment for us Australians!

Anyway the bottle came with a 'not so shit' neck tag, another first for me. What made this neck tag half decent was that the cocktail recipes didnt completely suck. Is this usual with larceny?

My tag had three recipes by a bloke called Ted Kilgore, whom I admit I had to google, I tried one called the 'Inside Job' which was:

2oz larceny

1/2 oz simple syrup

1/4 oz luxardo marashino liqueur

Dash each of agnostura and absinthe

stired over ice and served iceless with a lemon twist

nothing mind blowing as it was a little bit on the sweet side as expected, but a solid cocktail, nice suprise

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Braised lamb neck for dinner, so bloody marys were in order.

2oz virgin bourbon

6oz clamato

dash of hickory liquid smoke

Lots of crystals hot sauce

1/2 oz lemon juice

black pepper and celery salt

Smidge of horseradish

stired with ice and served neat in an old fashioned glass with a parsley garnish

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Tried a "Fall-Fashioned" over the weekend.

I modified slightly, but the original recipe called for:

1.5 oz JD Single Barrel

.75 oz Simple Syrup

2 oz Apple Cider


Orange Wheel (muddled)

Recipe called for ice, but after sampling, i think it might make a tasty hot winter drink

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Whipped together a daquiri variant that was somewhat of a suprise, the layering of flavour and mouthfeel wasnt expected, but warrants further tinkering with.

Approx. 1 oz white rum - havana anejo

Approx. 1 oz four roses yellow

1/2 a ruby grapefruits juice

1/2 a lemons juice

good dash chocate bitters (bitter truth)

1 oz dark muscavado syrup (home made, 50% muscavado)

Allowed to rest in crushed ice before being shaken and strained into an old fashioned.

There is something about this combo of that just worked, i stumbled upon a welcome balance of subtle sweet up front, mildly mouth watering bitter mid and a dry but lingering herbaceous and rich finish

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Willett Rye Manhatten with a Balcones' Brimstone rinse.


(Willett 4 YO Rye, Carpano Antica Vermouth, Blood Orange bitters, dash of homemade Demarara simple syrup. Glass rinsed with Brimstone, flamed orange peel and MM cherry).

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Like the Brimstone rinse idea! Maybe in a maple old fashioned to give it a bit of smoke-similar to bacon maple versions?

Speaking of versions I made a Red Hook tonight with Rendezvous Rye/Carpano Antica/Luxardo per usual but added a couple of dashes of Aztec Chocolate bitters. Highly recommended.

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My wife and I have been working our way through the dozen-plus recipes in the 'Saveur' magazine from August(?) 2011 - # 141. The article, written by Rebecca Barry, features recipes with bourbons and other whiskies under the title "Whiskey Rebellion" which comments on the (then) growing use of bourbons with various profiles in cocktails. The source of each is given (like, if from a bar or restaurant), and suggested brands appear as well. We have YET to find a recipe we don't like.


Disclosure: I have no professional or financial interest in Saveur or the brands listed. I just like to drink and have been doing so (legally) for over 48 years and have an abiding desire to help young folks flatten their learning curve. Enjoy.

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Vieux Carre


1 oz rye, 1 oz cognac, 3/4 oz sweet vermouth, 1/2 oz benedictine; dashes Peychaud's, Ango

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A "Chartreuse" dinner at Holeman & Finch last night. Very enjoyable. Mostly drinking the four standards on their own (green and yellow as well as the VEP versions of both) but several cocktails were included. Started with green chartreuse and Cava (a dry Spanish sparkling wine). Next was a Last Word variation with gin, green chartreuse, lime juice and a bar made ginger/fenugreek (sometimes used in curry but didn't seem that spicy to me) shrubb substituting for maraschino. Pretty good but hard to duplicate and I think I prefer the original. Second cocktail featured yellow chartreuse with Bonal, Botran white rum, lime juice and peychauds bitters. I liked it but it was not the hit of the table. Definitely had a dry and moderately bitter finish despite the heavy sweetness of the yellow chartreuse. I definitely now know I prefer green over yellow and VEP green over VEP yellow. The surprise of the night was the appearance of Chartreuse Elixir Vegetal, the original "medicinal" form of the liqueur, at 138 proof. It is rarely seen in the US as it is not available and has to be carried home from Europe. Will definitely fix what ails you!


Food was good as well. Some of lightest and most buttery yet savory tasting foie gras torchon I have ever had!

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