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Willett XCF 103.4 Proof

The Good Sir
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Harry in WashDC

I saw one in the locked cabinet. I have to say that I'm glad Willett did this one. First, several gawkers looked at it and missed the Stagg Jr. three bottles over - I didn't. Second, its price made buying the Stagg Jr. at MSRP that much easier to do. That was last week. I think my high-end buying is done for awhile until I work the inventory down - couple days at least.:rolleyes:

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Restaurant man
I've yet to buy a Willett product beyond a bottle of Black Maple Hill a couple years ago. Someday I will buy a single bottle of their bourbon to add to my label collection. Because their labels are neat. So I figure if Willett gets me for $80-$100 bucks over the course of a lifetime, that works out to being pretty cheap.
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