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My wife and I took the grandkids with us to a few estate sales today. Good weather, fun day, and we all found something. Sadly,  I passed on a half a dozen decanters. There were three Lord Calvert Duck Decanters, and three assorted Beam Decanters that had bad corks or suspect seals. I reckon they had a bunch to start with, but most of them were sold yesterday. “A day late and a dollar short.” -_-


Anyway, long story short, I did find a couple of pretty interesting Glencairn style glasses. I say Glencairn style because I’m not sure if they are true Glencairns or not because Glencairn isn’t etched on the bottom. Pretty cool either way, even though I did have to pay the exorbitant price of .50¢ each.  :o

Biba! Joe




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