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What bottle did you open today? ~ 2021

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Had a neighbor that just finished his last cancer treatment with Keytruda.  Figured this would be a great time to open up one of my favorite bottles.  2011 20 year old PVW:}

Score and pour.  As for the first tasting, it's just a first tasting mind you.  But all I can say is Yes.  YES fellow Turkeyheads.  The rest of you, nothing to see here, just move along please.  The n

Pulled this from the bunker and cracked it open under the stars at the campfire.  2015 was a fine year for the LE.  

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16 hours ago, Kjbarth said:


I was really surprised by this one. I enjoyed it for what it is and especially enjoyed the price. 

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The MMCS I mentioned in various other places. The big surprise upon opening was finding a screw cap under that red wax, YESSSSS!!!!! Finally! a sensible closure instead of yet another dopey cork!! I dig the cork "THUNK" on occasion but when those damn things start disintegrating and have to be strained out and decanted into....a bottle with a f'n screw cap, I start getting a little tired of the pretense, more screwcaps, fewer corks already.

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EW 1783. My first. it's good mid-grade HH at a great price. Looking forward to trying it blind with EW SiB, EW white label BiB, Mckenna 10, EC SmB...

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